Best Beaches in and around Kemer (2023 Insider Master Guide Advice)

As for beaches in Kemer; holidaymakers may find variety of beautiful blue flagged golden beaches in and around Kemer, Antalya. Holidaymakers may also find variety of water sports activities in Kemer such as parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, snorkelling, scuba diving and more.

As for beaches in central Kemer, with a 4,2 km. of coastline, there are variety of great beaches along the beautiful coast of central Kemer. A great day out at the Kemer beaches is also one of the best things to do in Kemer.

Divided by the Kemer Marina, central Kemer has two beach zones. On the west side of the marina, there is the Moonlight Bay housing the excellent beach named the Moonlight Beach. And on the east side of the marina, there is the beautiful coastline with beaches belonging to hotels as well as the Kemer Urban Beach.

Each holiday resort in Antalya has its own beach zones. All Kemer resorts offer great beaches for beach goers. There are also several coves and bays such as Phaselis bay and Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) cove that has great beaches in and around Kemer. Although all the beaches in the Kemer region are very beautiful, blue flagged and has crystal clear waters, a special mansion can be given to the Moonlight beach in central Kemer, Phaselis beach, Cirali beach and Adrasan beach. They may also be considered as amongst the best beaches in the Kemer region. You may read more below and see all beaches in Kemer that worth a visit and see.

Best beaches in Kemer

Beldibi beach

5 km., golden sandy, Beldibi beach, Beldibi Urban beach. Continue reading…

Goynuk beach

2,9 km., golden sandy, Goynuk beach, Goynuk Urban beach. Continue reading…

Central Kemer beaches

4,2 km., Moonlight beach, Kemer West, East and Urban beach. Continue reading…

Moonlight beach

500 m., golden sandy and pebbled, Moonlight (Aysigi) beach.

Kiris beach

2,1 km., golden sandy, Kiris beach, Kiris Urban beach. Continue reading…

Camyuva beach

3 km., golden sandy, Camyuva beach, Camyuva Urban beach. Continue reading…

Alacasu Paradide (Cennet) Cove beach

175 meters, small cove, secluded, golden sandy and pebbled, hiking, picnics. Continue reading…

Phaselis beaches

Ancient Lycian city, archaeological site and museum, three harbors and beaches, hiking, picnics. Continue reading…

Tekirova beach

3,7 km., golden sandy, Tekirova beach, Tekirova Urban beach. Continue reading…

Cirali beach

3,5 km., golden sandy and pebbled, Adrasan beach. Continue reading…

Olympos beach

400 meters, golden sandy and pebbled, Olympos beach, ancient city of Olympos. Continue reading…

Adrasan beach

2 km., golden sandy and pebbled, Adrasan beach. Continue reading…


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