Book Online Covid-19 PCR Test in Kemer Antalya (Same Day Result)

For the ones who are on holidays in Kemer, Antalya, it is a mandatory request these days to get a Covid-19 PCR test 48-72 hours (depending on the country you will go) prior to departure. Same situation for the expats or for the ones who need an urgent PCR test. Here you can find insider information on how and where to get your Coronavirus Covid-19 PCR test in Kemer and Antalya, including report delivery time, hospitals, clinic and laboratories information, pricing and advice.

Where to get Covid-19 PCR Test in Kemer?

You can get your Covid-19 PCR, antigen or antibody, swab tests in Kemer and many regions in Antalya at the few public and private hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. You can get a quality of service with same day results from these places.

PCR Test at Public Hospitals in Kemer

You’ll find one public hospital in Kemer, the Antalya Kemer State Hospital (Tel: +90 242 814 15 50, Address: Yeni Mahalle Dedeler Mevkii, No:31, Kemer), situated in Kemer city center. And you should know that you must be symptomatic or have a story of direct contact with the person that has the Coronavirus.

If so than you can get a free PCR test but if not you’ll need to pay for it. And you should also note that public hospital will have possible crowd and you’ll need to wait for a long period, also may have language problem.

Pricing is 250 TL (around €25), you’ll need to pay in cash, and you can get your test result in about 24 hours. Also note that result will be print copy and Turkish, no English report.

PCR Test at Private Hospitals in Kemer

There are 2 private hospitals in Kemer city center and one private polyclinic. They include;

  • Private Kemer Yasam Hospital (Tel: +90 242 212 04 44, Address: Yeni Lise Str. No:26, Kemer)
  • Private Kemer Anadolu Hospital (Tel: +90 242 814 59 70, Address: Yeni Mahalle Atatürk Blv., Kemer)
  • Private Kemer Marina Polyclinic (Tel: +90 242 814 56 16, Asdress: Anafartalar Str. No:8, Kemer)

This is a good option with good service quality.

PCR Test at Antalya Airport (AYT)

You can find Covid-19 PCR test center at the Antalya Airport (AYT), located just by the Terminal-1 Arrivals Floor Gate. Tests are done by the Provincial Health Directorate. Note that there might be long queues.

Test price is 250 TL (around €25). You can get the result in both English and Turkish copy print, and within 24 hours.

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