Folkloric Nomad Theme Park in Kemer (What to See, How to Get?)

Folkloric Nomad Theme Park (Folklorik Yörük Parkı in Turkish), located just behind the Kemer marina, about 3 km. from central Kemer, is the one of the most popular places to visit in Kemer.

What to Expect?

Holidaymakers may experience and enjoy the culture of Nomads here as well as having a rest or tasting the local cuisine of Nomads.

Yuruk (Yörük) is Turk. It derives from the Turkish word ‘yurumek’ (walking). Its essence, ancestors and background is from Middle Asia.

Its means of livelihood is animal raising. Our people have come to love and integrate with their animals, which are the means of their livelihood, and with the nature which feeds them to such an extent that this beloved understanding, this enthusiastic perception has led to the love for humans and the “hospitality” of Turks which is worldwide accepted and appreciated.

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