Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove and Beach, Kemer (Photos, Location)

Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove is a lovely place situated on a very beautifl small cove between Phaselis cove and Camyuva resort of Kemer and has a very beautiful beach. With its pine forests and Beydaglari monutains at the backgraound, wonderful nature, unique beach and sea, Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach and surroundings is worth a visit and see in Kemer.

Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach

The Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach is about 175 meters long, very beautiful and ideal for swimming and sunbathing. You will see a crowd, mostly locals along the Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach lying, swimming, sunbathing and making picnics. You may also see several yachts moored in the cove.

Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach is mostly preferred with locals for a great beach day out and picnics. There is no accommodation in the area. You may enter to the cove by your car. You may also make hiking along the beautiful trails of the region.

How to Get There?

Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach is located between Phaselis Archaelogical Site and Camyuva resort of Kemer. On the main Kumluca-Kemer road, after you pass Phaselis turn and continue the main road to Camyuva and Kemer, you will see a turn leading to Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach.

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The turn is before Camyuva resort turn. After you turn to the Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach road, you will drive about 1 km. to get to the Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove beach.

Note that the road is narrow and very rough. Also before you get to the cove, you will see that the road will split into two directions. You need to turn right to get to the cove. The road on the left leads to the old fisherman shelter. Many holidaymakers also visit Alacasu Paradise (Cennet) Cove via boat trips.

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