Phaselis Beach – Beaches in Phaselis Archaeological Site, Kemer (Photos, Location)

As for beaches in Phaselis, the Phaselis Archaeological Site hosts very impressive beaches along its three harbours. The beaches in Phaselis are really very beautiful and ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It is believed that the ancient city of Phaselis was founded by colonists from Rhodes. Phaselis has three harbor, on the north, the northeast and on the southwest coast of the peninsula which are all natural harbor.

Phaselis archaeological site, with its impressive historical remainswonderful beaches and picnic areas, is one of the most visited sights in Kemer. If you want to have a peaceful day in the company of the ancient city remains, enchanting nature, isolated bay and excellent beaches, rather than staying at your hotel, a visit to the Phaselis is a great attraction for the holidaymakers in Kemer, Antalya.

Phaselis is situated about 11,5 km. from central Kemer. There is also a picnic and parking zone for daily visitors. You only pay on the entrance and have a chance to spend a whole day in Phaselis.

From the entrance gate of the Phaselis Archaeological Site, there is about 1 km. road to the coast. There are three harbor on the coast and if you visit Phaselis by your private/rented car, you need to decide which harbor you want to go and park your car to the nearest parking area. Midibuses (operate from Antalya, central Kemer and Tekirova) leave the visitors at the entrance, so visitors coming by midibuses should walk about 10 mins. to reach to the coast.

Phaselis beaches

The three harbor with beaches in Phaselis are the North, the Central and the South harbor. You may choose the beach you to spend the beach day out by controlling the waves and the wind.

Phaselis North harbor beach

The North harbor beach is the second largest one that is close to the entrance. The coast is more calm than the other ones. The sea is crystal clear and pebbled. The trees and shadow zones are located little bit far away from the beach.

Phaselis Central harbor beach

The central harbor beach is the most peaceful but small one. The harbor is surrounded by circular stones and trees which makes you feel like you are in a natural pool. The water temperature is like about a couple of degrees higher than in Kemer.

The beach is shallow and a mixture of both sand and pebbles. And there are no sea-moss. As the harbor is surrounded by trees, it is very ideal for a picnic day on the beach as well sunbathing under the shadows of the trees. There is a cafe situated close to the Central harbor that you may buy drinks and snacks from that cafe.

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Phaselis South harbour beach

The South harbor beach is the largest and the most crowded. People mostly prefer the South harbor as there are beach facilities like WC and showers in South harbor. For getting to the South harbor, you need to walk about 5-10 mins by passing through the Phaselis ancient city remains. You may also go to the South harbor with your car.

The coastline of the South harbor is very long and the sunbathing and relaxing area is very large and have pine forests. You’ll also see lots of yachts moored and daily boat trips’s visitors there in the South harbor. The South harbor beach and the panorama is really outstanding. The beach is a mixture of both sand and pebbles.

Visitor Information & Admission


Tekirova, Kemer, Antalya

Opening Hours

Open every day from 08.30-19.30 between April-October and from 08.30 to 17.30 between November-March

Ticket Price

Entrance Fee: 30 TRY

How to Get There?

Getting Phaselis from Kemer and Antalya is easy. Phaselis is situated between Camyuva and Tekirova resorts. Phaselis is located about 11,5 km. from central Kemer and 50 km. from Antalya 5M Migros.

From central Kemer you should go to the Kumluca direction. You may take the midibuses from Antalya, central Kemer and Tekirova passing from the Phaselis stop. There is a parking area in Phaselis so you may visit Phaselis by your private/rented car.

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