Medical Tourism in Antalya: What to Expect, Top Treatments

Antalya is one of the cities that is known for its quality health care facilities and great doctors. Antalya and Kemer plays a leading role in medical tourism, the city has 14 public hospitals, 27 private hospitals, 2 university hospitals, 23 dialysis centers, and 50 emergency health service stations and 79 mouth dental health polyclinics. Here you can find out why the health and medical tourism in Antalya is so popular, top medical treatments in Antalya Turkey including plastic surgery & aesthetics, dental treatments, obesity and weight loss treatment, hair transplantation, non surgical aesthetics such as Botox and dermal fillers, what to expect, expert tips.

Medical Tourism in a Nutshell

Health has always been one of the most important reasons for traveling over the centuries which has been increasing more and more every year. Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, is described when a patient desires to travel outside of their country for medical purposes, yet take a vacation with treatment in any field, such as dental, general surgery, orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, IVF, weight loss, and more. Medical tourism has been a significant market internationally. Amongst the medical travelers is a big portion of the visitors who travel for dental treatments.

With health and medical tourism, there is a wide range of options including treatments and surgery, thermal tourism such as rehabilitation, and elderly and disabled treatments with long-term social activities in geriatric centers.

The weather in Antalya is great during the winter and the temperature fluctuates between 10 -15 degrees which are peculiar to this city.

Tourists coming to Antalya for medical tourism have a lot of advantages. The price for health care here is very affordable when compared to other countries combined with having a great holiday.

The doctors and health care workers are multilingual, so communication will not be a barrier to your treatment.

Antalya has a rich culture and modern tourist facilities that offer high equal and high-quality that will give you great treatment and a holiday afterward. The visa requirements to go to Antalya are easy and this increased the number of visitors yearly.

Why people are going abroad for treatment

  1. They do not have the medical insurance to cover treatments in their country.
  2. Some of the medical procedures that they need are not available in their country.

Benefits of medical tourism

It is Affordable and Cost Effective:

The prices to get medical treatment is affordable, and you will save a lot of money compared to what you would normally pay in other countries. It is affordable because of the low cost of labor, but the procedures are always performed by well-trained professionals who use modern technology.

Quick service:

With medical tourism, you always have available immediate medical care, which is beneficial, especially in cases of emergency.

Travel opportunities:

One of the benefits is traveling and exploring a new city or town after a successful procedure.

High-quality healthcare:

Doctors that are available to international patients are trained in the western world where there are exposed to the latest methods of education and the best ways to handle cases.

Medical tourism is a great concept for you if you are interested in high-quality health care that is affordable and carried out by professionals. This is gaining popularity and a lot of people are going abroad for medical treatments yearly.

No Regrets Booking Advice

Why you should go abroad for treatment?

Going abroad for medical treatment overseas is on the rise and is influenced by a few factors;

  1. It is affordable, the cost of health care in developed countries and some of the western countries is very high, and it is not always affordable for middle-class citizens.
  2. The communication opportunities have improved, and it is now easier to find and contract medical healthcare facilities overseas.
  3. International travel has become hassle free and the prices of tickets are affordable

Why choose Antalya for medical tourism and treatments?

Antalya is one of the top destinations where there are all kinds of opportunities that have proven themselves in terms of medical and health tourism, as well as holiday opportunities. Antalya will attract you not only in terms of health tourism but also history and culture. Turkey is a paradise stretching across two continents and experiencing 4 seasons. During your stay in Turkey, you can enjoy art, history, archeology, and nature, and feel happiness beyond hopes and wishes. Its crystal clear sea and eight thousand km of shores stretch as far as the eye can see.

Antalya is a province with a lot of experienced health specialists, doctors, surgeons, dentists in the health & dental tourism sectors. Not to mention that it is a tourism paradise situated along with the cost of the higher across the Mediterranean Sea which appeals to all seasons as well as temperate climate tourism. While you can ski up in the Taurus Mountains in winter, in the meantime, you can also swim in the city center.

Thanks to its unique cultural and historical heritage, Antalya has been gaining more and more reputation across the globe in casual and medical tourism, where there are qualified and experienced doctors around the world.  With the treatment you will receive in Antalya, you will benefit from the expertise of Turkish doctors at attractive prices. The budget you need to allocate varies according to the treatment you need.

A large number of tourists, primarily from the Balkans, the Middle East, Russia, Western Europe, North Africa, Turkic Republics and Arab countries prefer Turkey for non-compulsory medical operations (cosmetic surgery), such as dental treatments, hair transplantation and plastic surgery, which stands out in health tourism, medical tourism and tourism for the elderly and disabled. Today Antalya has taken its place in the global market with a high share it deserves.

Although the cosmetic surgery costs are different based on geography, however, developing countries have been attracting more and more international travelers thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities, hospitals, services, discounted health services, and of course, plastic surgery is a major, invasive procedure everywhere in the world. Therefore, patients weigh their options with utmost care. It is important to choose an accredited, trusted, skilled, and board-certified plastic surgeon with high educational and training standards.

Foreign tourists often travel to Antalya to get their medical treatment for the better, cheaper, and faster. For the past few years, it has been effortless for foreign patients to travel to Antalya to have fast access to its world-class brand in healthcare which has undoubtedly accelerated the health tourism movement.

Antalya is one of the cities in the world striving to be the heart of tourism, too. It also has many world-class hospitals with trained and qualified doctor staff that use the most advanced techniques in treatment technology in the world. Not to mention that 45 Turkish hospitals have been awarded the JCI Joint Commission International certificate, which symbolizes and certifies international quality in health. With this feature, Turkey is the second country with the highest JCI-certified hospitals worldwide.

Antalya is also a world-renowned holiday center in the Mediterranean region with natural beauties, historical buildings, beautiful beaches, and spots that need to be discovered. It is visited by millions of local and foreign tourists every year for tourist purposes. Among the natural beauties that you must see on the Antalya holiday are Manavgat Waterfall, Saklıkent Canyon, Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park, Karain Cave, Göynük Canyon, Köprülü Canyon National Park, Kekova Island, İncekum Nature Park, Çıralı Yanartaş, Dim Stream and Hidayetin Bay. Antalya, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, has vibrant vegetation.

Choose Antalya, thanks to its…

  1. High-quality health service provided at a reasonable price
  2. Amongst the top 10 most preferred countries in terms of health tourism in the world
  3. Very short or no waiting times, shorter waiting times in comparison with Europe, America, etc.
  4. Possibility to combine vacation & treatment
  5. Excellent geographical location
  6. Easy access from all over the world. Good travel connectivity with cheap and direct flights available from all parts of the world.
  7. Relevant health personnel, trained physicians
  8. Availability of safe treatment options and stable prices
  9. State-of-the-art medical facilities & infrastructure
  10. International standards by the sterilization principles that is indispensable for health care
  11. Internationally trained experienced dentists
  12. Latest medical applications in the field of Implant, Surgery, Aesthetics, and Orthodontics are being performed
  13. Easy communication with English-speaking dentists/clinical staff
  14. Refreshing travel destination perfect blend of nature and heritage & ideal spot to unwind with world-famous cuisines

Why the health tourism in Antalya is so popular?

  1. They have a greater share in international health tourism. Health tourism is developing rapidly because the tourist know the expenses, they spend, accommodation, flights, and others are affordable here compared to other countries.
  2. The comfort of the patients is always considered, and they are always satisfied and this increases the growth in health tourism.

Why is health tourism cheap in Antalya?

  1. With the combination of medical and thermal tourism resources.
  2. They offer quality and affordable tour packages to health tourists.
  3. World countries now recognize turkey as a new health partner.
  4. Turkey has a unique strategic location it is at the crossroads between the two continents bordering Europe, Asia, and Central Asia, which makes it easy to reach it in a short time from many countries.

Top Antalya health and medical tourism service areas are:

  1. Brain surgery
  2. Orthopedics
  3. IVF
  4. Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics
  5. Hair Transplantation
  6. Dental Treatments
  7. Eye treatments
  8. Dialysis, Oncology, and Radiology

Top Sights to see in Antalya

Kaleici: This is a historic center with monuments and buildings that date back to roman times.

Aspendos: This is a wonderful roman theater that is well-preserved and was built around 155AD.

Antalya archeological museum: This is the home to a huge collection of artifacts from the city.

Duden waterfalls: This beauty is very popular to visit for locals and tourists.

Antalya Aquarium: This is one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world. There is so much to see and do, it is great and educational.

Dental Tourism in Antalya – is it worth the trip?

Dental health tourism started to gain popularity day by day. Patients living abroad prefer Istanbul for dental treatments because of the high cost of dental treatment in the region they live in. As such, they have the chance to both perform dental treatments and discover the historical, natural, and cultural beauties of Istanbul. Although it probably wouldn’t be worth traveling to another country just for a couple of fillings, the savings can be huge if you need extensive work.

Dental tourism shortly has been a very popular sector and certainly become sub-medical tourism, which is defined in simple words, a type of medical tourism where the tourism and health sector work hand in hand together to help dental tourists, a.k.a. patients, keenly traveling abroad to receive dental treatment services abroad with a vacation to gorgeous holiday destinations together with a very affordable holiday package that offers a fast-paced treatment planning and cost (holiday package). Dental tourism has an important place in niche markets has already become one of the products worldwide.

Top Two Popular Dental Treatments in Antalya Turkey: Dental Implants & Veneers

Dental Implants in Antalya

Dental implants have different materials quality and types along with some preparatory treatments such as extractions, a bone graft, or a sinus lift. Dental implants don’t just happen in one day; it requires the patient to visit the dentist 2, 3, or more times.

Check out best dental clinics for dental implants in Antalya

Dental Veneers in Antalya

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made materials used to improve the appearance of the tooth. Very thin ceramic shells conceal any tooth defect; as such many people with a gap between their front teeth prefer porcelain veneers to close the gaps. Or if there are a stain or color differences on your teeth, veneers will be your best friend. Not only that, but it also improves the tooth’s shape, size, etc. It is reported that the veneers can last up to 20 years.

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Disclaimer: This page and all the article is for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor if you seek more information on therapeutic health care.

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