Olympos Kemer (Holidays, Top Things to Do & See + Advice)

Olympos is the ancient Lycian city, located nearby Cirali, about 35 km. from Kemer. With its pine forests and Beydaglari mountains at the background, wonderful nature, unique beach and sea, the historical site and ruins, Olympos is one of the most popular sights in Kemer.

Some History

Olympos was established on both sides of the river Akcay during the Helenistic era on the 1st and 2nd century A.C.. Olympos was the biggest city of the Lycian region and has taken its name from the nearby Mount Tahtali with an altitude of 2375 meters. Visitors may see fortified castles, roman bath and more that were constructed by Venice, Genoese and Rhodes chevaliers. A visit to the famous ancient city of Olympos and enjoy the beach, nature and history is a great attraction for the holidaymakers in Kemer, Antalya.

Olympos is the common name of the Anatolia and Aegean mountain summits. It is also the mountain of the mythological gods such as Zeus. The city was under the control of the pirates during the 1st century B.C. together with Phaselis. Due to the pirates attacks, the city has become very poor until the Roman Empire have saved the city and recovered the city. During the era of the Roman Empire, the city has become rich. During the era of the Geneose and Venetians in the 3rd century A.C., Olympos has again been the region of the pirates and after all has been left in the 15th century during the era of the Ottoman Empire.

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Top Things to Do & See in Olympos

The Ancient City of Olympos

There are two entrance for the ancient city of Olympos, one from the sea and one from the land. When you enter the ancient city from the sea, on south, you’ll come across the Acropolis and a monumental tomb situated on a hill on the right hand side.

The ancient city of Olympos is all covered with water and you may see variety of ancient city ruins on the rivers and watered zones. There is also an ancient bridge along the river. Across the river, you may also see a Byzantium basilica.

Olympos monumental tomb

When you follow the path to the second entrance of the ancient city of Olympos and follow pathway backwards, you’ll see the beautiful Roman temple with the sculpture. You’ll also see several monumental graves and two rock grave. And when you follow the pathway you’ll come to the place where you start and see the beautiful Acropol. Here you may climb to the hill where Acropol stands and emjoy the stunning views of the Olympos region.

Olympos beach

The golden sandy Olympos beach is very beautiful and ideal for swimming and sunbathing. You will see a crowd, mostly hippies, along the Olympos beach lying and sunbathing. Continue reading…

Nearby Attractions

Cirali, Yanartas and Olympos teleferik (cable car) to Mount Tahtali are the popular nearby attractions in Olympos.

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Yanartas (Chimaera)

Yanartas (Chimaera), known as the place of flames, is a fascinating natural rocky formation located along Cirali village, on Mount Chimaera slopes, close to Olympos Valley. It is called as eternal fire that the flames burn right on the rocks without any apparent fuel or heat source. The region is situated on a track famous for hiking lovers on the Lycian Way. Yanartas is situated within a short walking distance from Olympos. Continue reading…

Mount Tahtali – Olympos Teleferik (Cable Car)

Tahtali Mountain is the highest mountain closest to the sea on the region with an altitude of 2365 metres. Holidaymakers may enjoy the stunning 360° panoramic view of the mountain ranges, beautiful landscape along Kemer and sea on the top. Continue reading…

Daily Tours & Excursions

If you don’t want to spend your Olympos holidays just at your hotel on a routine day out, attending to daily tours and excursions from central is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy the stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays and charms of Kemer.

Daily boat trips, cycling, 4×4 off-road safari, ATV quad safari tours, scuba diving, Olympos cable-car to Mount Tahtali, Goynuk Canyon and Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tours are the top selling and the most popular excursions and daily tours from Olympos. Continue reading…

Accommodation – Where to Stay?

As for accommodation in Olympos, the wooden houses on the trees and bungalows are the most popular accommodation facilities in Olympos. Many young holidaymakers prefer to spend great holidays at the wooden houses on the trees and bungalows of the Olympos region. See;

How to Get There?


Olympos is situated located nearby Cirali, about 35 km. from Kemer city center. You can take regular buses from Antalya and Kemer city center to reach Olympos.

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