Scuba Diving in Kemer (2023 Best Tours, Prices, Diving Locations, Tips)

Scuba diving in Kemer is one of most popular water sports activities in Kemer. Scuba diving in Kemer is made along the great dive sites and dive spots of Kemer Bay and around bays and coves. The outstanding underwater environment and 46 km. of beautiful coastline of Kemer make the resort a great diving spot for diving lovers.

The Paris ship wreck (dating back to World War I) is one of the most popular diving spots in Kemer, located along the Kemer marina.

You can find various great companies to attend to scuba diving in Kemer. You can see their stands at the Kemer beaches. Kemer marina, Tekirova and Adrasan offers the best diving tours.

Scuba Diving Video Tour from Adrasan

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