Ucoluk Plateau in Kemer, Antalya (Trekking, Hiking, How to Get?)

Ucoluk Plateau, located about 37 km. from Kemer, is one of the most beautiful places to visit and see for nature lovers in Kemer, Antalya. Ucoluk Plateau is situated in a wonderful nature carved in pine forests with an altitude of 1500 meters.

The Plateau is very rich in flora and fauna and accessed by an extending stabilized road within the forests. Very ideal place for campers.

What to Expect?

Ucoluk Plateau is a region with no infrastructure services such as electricity and telephone, and home to simple highland houses. You’ll find beautiful forests of cedar, pine and plane trees, as well as magnificent natural beauties.

There are camping and trekking/hiking tours to the Ucoluk Plateau from Kemer via several travel agencies. You’ll definitely love the atmosphere here.

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